Grami and Pop Pop come to visit!

What a special treat! Grami and Pop Pop came to visit! This is the second time they have been here since Caroline has been born and we had so much fun! They took us to Toys R Us on a shopping spree and we walked out with quite a few toys! Caroline is starting to recognize things around here and really lights up when she hears different sounds! She has been learning to smile, laugh, and coo! Such a change from when they were here before! They could not believe how much she had grown!

We got to hang out, lay out by the pool, watch some TCU football, and even enjoy Grapefest. This was an outdoor festival where they had a lot of wine tasting, games, and shopping! Josh and Pop Pop enjoyed the wine while Grami and I went shopping! What a great combination!
Here are some other pictures from the weekend:


2 Months old

So Caroline is growing up!! On Wednesday she received her 2 month old shots and we learned that she has grown quite a bit! Here is where she ranks:
weight: 11 lbs. 15 oz. - 67th percentile
length: 23.25" - 70th percentile
head circumference: 37.5 cm - 13th percentile
As you can see, she has definitely changed from that little baby we welcomed 2 months ago. The rolls and double chins have just made her so much cuter! We have been pretty busy lately, so we're looking forward to a relaxing weekend of just hanging out as a family. And of course, the TCU football game will be playing on Saturday. Go Frogs!