I feel like I have hardly taken any pictures of Caroline lately and that she is changing before my eyes!  So yesterday I decided to take her out front and get some "good" pictures.  It was a nice and sunny day and although we don't have tons of plants, I figured we had enough color to make some decent pictures.  However, this girl is on the move!  It was quite a bit harder than I thought!  With the standard lens on my camera, it is very hard to get close enough to get a good shoot  {*Perhaps a zoom lens might be in Santa's bag!} and she either runs away from me with out looking or runs towards me trying to grab the camera. 


Eliza Claire von Goertz
November 9, 2010
5:58 pm
6 lbs. 15 oz.
I am SO happy and proud to announce that our new niece was born yesterday!! We are in love and could not be prouder family members! Now we just can't wait to get to Pennsylvania and meet her! Everything went perfectly!
Congratulations to Paul, Missy, and big sister Emma!
We'll see you in December!!


More Halloween Fun!

We are still trying to get things together after last weekend, however our next busy one is just about to start! We had a great Halloween with cousins and got to experience the Fun Festival at Adam and Julie's church. Caroline has definitely gotten her share of pumpkins, games, petting zoos, and CANDY this season! This was no exception! Caroline still did not wear her Minnie Mouse ears, but she did participate in games and got to see MORE ducks! We also played on the playground for quite a while and she enjoyed watching her cousins do all of the BIG kid things.
We ended the evening with getting to see the newest addition to the Lastovica family! Cute little Keegan Elizabeth arrived on the 29th!! She was so snuggly and had a full head of hair! Caroline can't wait to be best friends!!


Drumroll please...

And as you can see...

Josh, Caroline and I celebrated our new addition at the Cheesecake Factory on Friday night. We wanted to make finding out the gender a special time and we couldn't think of a better place than here! 2 years ago on the same Friday night (then it was Halloween night), we found out we were pregnant with Caroline and celebrated at the same spot. We opened the envelope and were actually both shocked to find out that we will be parents to a son!

It was a little past someone's bedtime so we got our cheesecakes to go and headed home! Caroline and I had gotten some surprises for Josh and a Big Sister Book for Caroline. We had pink and blue bags with some special presents depending on what the envelope read. After Caroline headed to bed, we celebrated by eating our cheesecake and toasting with sparkling apple cider! This little guy is already so special and we could not be more excited!!

It will be interesting learning all things BOY! I have heard many stories already about the differences and the one I'm most scared about it getting pee'd on nearly every day! The joys of parenthood! :)

Have we changed from 2 years ago?