Caroline's new trick!

Watch out world!! Here she comes!

Ready for Summer!

While Grami and Pop Pop were here we made a trip down to the Dallas Arboretum. We enjoyed the sunshine and loved viewing all of the beautiful flowers. This is making me so anxious for some continuous good weather! We're ready for SUNSHINE!! We bought an annual pass for the gardens, so we will be back quite often.
"I'm SO over this...!"


We Love JESUS!

What a wonderful day!! Caroline Grace was dedicated on May 9th, 2010! Both Josh and I have been praying for this little girl since before she was born and every day since. Our family has been blessed in so many ways and it really is our desire for her to know the Lord! What an amazing way to spend my first Mother's Day! We had so many people join us to celebrate and enjoyed a nice brunch afterwards at our house. It was great to have everyone here and to just join together for Caroline. All of her grandparents were here and Aunt Joanna even flew up just for the day! Adam, Julie, the boys, and Amanda also came for support!
Very Proud Parents!
A toast! Proud Grandparents!
Pop Pop and Grami
Grandpa Doug and Grandma K
Grandmother and Pa Paw*pictures taken after nap time! :)


MA MA!!!

Well, Caroline has said her FIRST word and it is... MA MA!! She uttered this while we were shopping on Tuesday and has pretty much perfected it ever since. I'm not sure if it is entirely directed at me, but of course that is what I am going to claim!
Just in time for Mother's Day!!
She might have said "ma ma" first, but I'm sure "da da" is not far behind. How can it not be with a Dad this cute? :)


10! 10!! 10!!!

A year ago I would never have guessed that 10 months would come so quickly! I would never have guessed that I would be blessed with such a sweet little girl who can melt my heart and make any day better with a single smile. Well, we've made it! 2 months and she will be a 1 year old! Caroline has changed so much and is quite the little lady! She is pulling up on everything, climbing the stairs, clapping, waving, and babbling on and on. She has learned where her cd player is in her room and crawls towards it, wanting it on every second she gets. When the music plays, she waves her hands and dances in excitement! We have come such a long way from the newborn baby who stayed in one place and used to fall asleep on our chests. Caroline still only has her 2 bottom teeth, but we are pretty sure the left top one is not far behind.
Watch out world, here she comes!!