IT'S A ...

Okay Okay... so I guess if I have to wait, then so does everyone else! :) Any guesses from the picture? We had our 20 week doctor's appointment this morning and had the anatomy sonogram. The ultrasound technician could tell if we are having a boy or girl!! However, we have decided to wait until tonight at dinner to open the envelope and find out as a family... so not much longer!! Above is the first picture of our little family of 4.
I am SO blessed!
We'll keep you posted!


my little pumpkin!

Several weeks ago we headed to a pumpkin patch with the Mom's group! We had such a great time and Caroline had so much fun running through all of the pumpkins. They opened it up to just us and played games, read stories, and told all about pumpkins. While Caroline preferred just exploring on her own, it was really neat to see all of the kids engaged.
The weather has just been so beautiful that Caroline and I made it out to the Arboretum. We loved exploring all of the pumpkin displays and even enjoyed a petting zoo. I think Grami and Pop Pop are going to have to get another goat someday soon!! :) I seemed to forget the battery to my camera (surprise surprise!) so I only got several pictures snapped with my phone. However we had a great time!



Wow... I'm a little behind with our happenings lately, but not too long ago, Josh and I celebrated our 3 year anniversary! And again, I've got to say WOW! So much has happened in those 3 years and it really feels like our lives have started! Since getting married, we have bought a house, had one child, and are on our way to having another!! It has been an incredible journey and God could not have given me a more perfect person to share these special times with. I absolutely love my husband and we are a great team! Josh was able to join us in Pennsylvania on the night of our actual anniversary. The day started off with the door bell ringing and a BEAUTIFUL bouquet of 3 dozen roses were delivered!! Unfortunately, I wasn't able to bring these home, but they sure made me smile every time I walked by them! They made me more excited because I knew that Josh was coming in that night!
The next night Josh and I were able to leave Caroline with my sister and go out for a nice seafood dinner! We experienced a wonderful little restaurant in Hershey and enjoyed every minute of it!
That Friday we had even more time to spend together! We left Caroline with my sister and Emma while we headed down to explore Washington DC. Paul was gracious enough to leave us his car and we left that morning. I had never been and Josh had only gone once. Although it was a quick day trip, it was so neat to experience!! I'm definitely ready to go back! It was a geat trip, however the GPS took us a home a completely different way and it took us 3 1/2 hours. Oh well... the memories!


Cousin Time!

We were SO lucky to get to go to Pennsylvania for 10 days to visit my sister and her family. Grami came too and we had such a wonderful time! Our time was filled with activities!! My niece Emma turned 2 and we celebrated her birthday... took several trips to Chocolate World... accompanied Emma to dance class and Kindermusik... went to Hershey Park where Caroline rode her first amusement park ride... picked out pumpkins at an orchard... and just had lots of cousin PLAY time!! Here is our time summed up in pictures...



We have been SO busy lately and just made it back from Pennsylvania, but now it is FINALLY time to announce our biggest news! Baby Botts #2 will make his/her appearance somewhere around March 15th! I am 17 weeks pregnant today and time is just flying by! I have been more sick this time around and it has taken some time for the "surprise" to actually set in, but with out further ado... here are the first pictures of our little bundle of joy from the 8 week ultrasound!
Caroline isn't quite aware of all of the changes that are about to happen, but we just know she is going to be a GREAT big sister!!