Caroline's newspaper debut!

Caroline is one loved girl! And she is lucky enough to have great grandparents all around!! Great Grandpa and Grandma Green submitted her picture to the Greeley Tribune and it was printed last week after it snowed pretty hard in Colorado. What a treat to see our little girl in the newspaper. We always knew this girl would be famous! :) Thank you Grandma and Grandpa!! We will see you soon!!


a new point of view!

SO many new things happening around our household in the last couple of weeks!! Caroline began being able to sit on her own from a laying down position. She all of a sudden did this with hardly any effort at all. This left me scratching my head and thinking to myself, "has she does this before?" But no... our world is beginning to change! I snuck into her room during a nap several times to find her sitting straight up. That sure got us to move her crib mattress down quickly. Good thing because I came into her room the next time and found her standing straight up and holding on. This girl knows what she wants!

A couple of other firsts came as she now has 2 TEETH!! The bottom left came in on March 10th and the right one popped up on the 20th! They haven't seemed to bother her and we haven't experienced any "teething" signs as of now. We're praying it stays that way!

She has also started waving and experiencing a little bit of jealousy when other kids are around. These are great learning moments where we've been trying to teach her to share. She's also crawling a little bit more on both knees and can really do it if she thinks about it. However, it is still easier for her to do her famous army crawl! It is so amazing how much this little girl changes day to day. Each step makes me more and more proud of her and I couldn't imagine loving her more!

Peek-a-boo...I see you!


Picture Perfect

We had Caroline's second session of baby pictures taken a couple weeks ago. BluDoor Studios in Southlake took them and they turned out great! Caroline did so well and is getting to be such a big girl. It was hard to choose which to buy from all of the good pictures!!


a few of our favorite things...

Flowers from my husband
Spring Walks with the Family
(minus the black ankle socks...)
Bath Time with Dad


Life is just great... when you're EIGHT!

Well, we have made it to 8 months!! These photo shoots are definitely getting harder and harder each month, but are so much fun to do! When January seemed to drag on, February went by SO quickly! I cannot believe it is now March and my little girl is 8 months old! She is full of energy and loves to be on the move. Crawling still hasn't quite clicked, but this girl can get to anywhere she likes! She gets up on her knees and rocks back and forth and has even started going backwards, but the forward thing is what we can't quite get. Soon she'll be there! Then it will definitely be time to babyproof the house!