And the birthday girl turns ONE!

The first birthday party has happened!! I had such a fun time planning this special occasion for my little one and it could not have turned out any better!! Although Caroline's actual birthday isn't until July 1st, we celebrated the weekend before and had all of her friends over for a pool party. Caroline's room is decorated with butterflies and every time before I put her down for a nap, I ask her "where are your butterflies"? This is one of the first things she quickly learned and knows to look up and point. She gets so excited to see them and has to touch them every time. So when I was deciding on a theme, I knew that I had to include butterflies!! I found this adorable invitation from TomKat Studios on etsy and just love how they turned out! The colors and design was exactly what I was looking for!
I had all of her monthly pictures printed out and put up on the wall. It is so amazing how much a difference a year makes. She has changed quite a bit and has just gotten cuter!
The CAKE!!Pure Joy!! A little child's smiling face is definitely such a sweet sight! It was so much fun to have everyone over to our house and celebrate such a special occasion. I just love the way so much happiness was captured in these little one's faces. The pink frosting on the cupcakes definitely says it all!Sweet Friends who made everything so special!


On the go...

Caroline took her first steps on Saturday!! She started standing and going towards the coffee table and I thought this was a little different than other times. Then Josh came downstairs and motioned for her to come to him. She took about three steps and made it into his arms! It came about all of a sudden and was so exciting!! So far she hasn't completely gotten up and walked on her own, but she is letting go so much more and definitely debates now whether to step or sit down and crawl. She sure is a fast one no matter what mode she chooses. If I leave her for just a second, the next thing I know is that she will be not only at the stairs, but 10 stairs up! My little girl definitey isn't a baby anymore...!


Good Old Friends

One of the advantages to going back to Colorado is that I get to see some of my wonderful highschool friends! Our trips are always busy and packed full, but I did have a chance to see some of them the first night I was there. It is so nice that Cady and Karly are both back home!! This was the first time we had a chance to meet Noa and he is just such a bubbly, smiley, and chubby little ball of cuteness! He is now 5 months and I can't believe that it took us this long to see him! I can not wait to see these two little ones grow up together! Karly looks so happy and perfect and this night felt like old times. We spent the end of the evening playing on the Hall's trampoline and chasing around Caroline. We might be quite a bit older now, but its wonderful that we can just pick our friendship right back where we left them. These girls are the best!