TCU was in the Rose Bowl on New Year's Day and did a GREAT job!!  Although we were quite sad that we were not at the actual game, we still cheered on the frogs as enthusiastically as ever!  Everyone made the day SO special for Josh and joined in the festivities!  Above is a picture of all of us sporting our PURPLE!!  Next year we are FOR SURE going to go and see them play in the National Championship game!  :)

 Josh and his 3 biggest fans!!
Aunt Missy definitely did a good job entertaining!  TCU cookies!!!


Quality time with Grami and Pop Pop!

One of the best things about going to celebrate Christmas in Pennsylvania was the time that Caroline, Emma, and Ellie got to spend with Grami and Pop Pop!  It is so hard living far away, but it makes all of the times that we do get to see them all the more special.  Pop Pop's thing is to take the girls for ice cream!!  Emma has already learned this quite well and insists every time she's with him.  Above is Pop Pop and Grami taking both girls.  We didn't go but heard that Caroline had finished her cone before Emma had taken a couple bites.  One girl is dainty and one just wants her ice cream!!  :)
Even Grami joined in the Ball Pit fun!


Christmas Continues!

We headed to Pennsylvania several days after Christmas to go and meet Ellie as well as celebrate Christmas with my family.  We know that we won't always be able to make it home for the actual holiday, but Josh and I both think it is pretty important to make an attempt to see everyone!  We had such a great time and thank my sister and Paul for having us!!  It was a little weird not going back to Colorado, but hopefully we can make it there soon.  Josh hasn't been to Colorado since last Christmas and the last time I was there was in June.  Time sure flies!!

We got in late Wednesday night and of course had to have "Christmas Morning" bright and early!  Grami and Pop Pop Santa Claus sure left a lot of presents!  Caroline still wasn't feeling great, but she was a little bit more into opening presents this time. 

Cooper is already being spoiled!!  Aunt Missy found a little boy doll for Caroline to have her own
"Baby Cooper" and Grami found a BLUE bunny for Cooper to be just like his big sister!

They know Josh way too well!!  Cooper's first TCU t-shirt!

We were SO blessed!!  I got a zoom lens for my camera and LOVE how the pictures turn out! 
This is from across the room!!  Isn't my husband adorable?:)

We had lots of fun playing together!  Josh is such a great uncle!
Grami got the girls all matching pajamas!  I can't wait to look back on these pictures
when they're older.

Of course Caroline remembered the ball pit!! 
Emma and Ellie are SO lucky to have a basement all for themselves full of toys! 
We in Texas are SO jealous!

The whole family joined in playing games!  It was so fun to have Uncle Andy with us!
Although it was cold, we had a chance to go to some natural caves. 
While everyone else went exploring, we got to play at the petting zoo and playground. 
Caroline loved the bunnies!


poor baby!

I am so far behind and really have a lot to share, but this is going to take some time!  From the previous post you can see that Caroline was pretty sick on Christmas.  We think she might have had an allergic reaction to the dogs because she was playing so closely with them.  She loved the dog bed and loved crawling into their crate.  Although it was so cute to watch such excitement on her face, we probably should not have let her do this.  She woke up from her nap on Christmas Eve with a red and puffy face.  It went down pretty quickly and she seemed to be okay.  So we still went to church that night.  The next morning she wasn't great, but we decided to still go see everyone for Christmas.  This is where we knew it really got bad!  She sat on our laps the whole day and did not eat anything.  She was so congested that she couldn't sleep and even threw up a couple times because there was so much in her nose. We were pretty worried about her so first thing Monday morning we headed to the doctor.

All they could really tell us is that Caroline had bronchiolitis and was having spasms in her bronchial tube and trouble breathing.  This could have been caused by a number of different things and only time will tell if it is something that will continue later on.  They gave her an oral steroid there through a nebulizer and had us continue this at home.  Luckily we borrowed one from a friend and did not have to purchase a new one!! The above picture shows my poor girl having to breathe in her medicine.  It was such a sad sight to see her wearing this.  The first time was really hard and we had to hold her arms down while she cried and tried to move.  From then on out, she would just sit and let me do it.  It helped THAT much! 

Although it was hard to watch Caroline be sick, it made it worse that we were leaving for Pennsylvania on Wednesday AND going to be around a newborn.  Wednesday morning came and nothing was better!  Caroline was so hard to handle and I really wasn't sure what to do.  We had to leave for the airport at 2pm and around 10 I just knew something was wrong!!  I called the doctor and they did a wonderful job fitting us in and seeing us as soon as they could.  I spent an hour in the waiting room and was starting to think I was just over-reacting and making a bigger deal out of things.  When we finally saw the doctor, my suspicions were confirmed and we discovered she had a really bad ear infection.  GREAT!  Just great!  We had to fly in 3 hours and were really worried what the plane would do to her.  We got some medicine and some numbing drops and she was an angel!!  God definitely answered our prayers! She still was not herself until about Saturday of the trip, but thankfully we got everything taken care of!  And I can now say that my little girl is FINALLY 100% better!!


CHRISTMAS...part one!!!

We had such a wonderful Christmas and this was just the beginning!! Josh's dad's family came up from Austin on the 23rd and stayed with us through the 25th. We celebrated Christmas eve at church and then Christmas day at Adam and Julie's with the boys and Suzanne and DJ. The only hiccup we had in our plans was that Caroline got sick. Although she was somewhat excited in the pictures to play with her toys, she really didn't care that much. She sat very still in our laps the entire dinner and didn't move. Now for my 18 month old, this is NOT normal!

Who needs presents when you have a dog bed?!  Caroline loved sitting in this bed and kept pushing the dogs out.

Everyone pitched in to help play Santa Claus!