Minute to Win It...

Take 2!!  Several years ago on our famiy vacation, Josh and I planned a Minute to Win It game night.  It was so much fun and everyone had a great time.  After I found this pin on Pinterest, we knew we had to recreate this with a Christmas twist!  This is a great way to get everyone involved and really just makes you look silly!  There were 11 of us {not including Emma and Caroline} so we only needed several games to last several hours.

1. Balance the Christmas Tree
We started with balancing Christmas ornaments on a yard stick, resting on a paper towel tube.  Some made it look easy, but it was harder than you might think.

 It was a good thing that Paul and Andy went last, because they broke most of the ornaments!
2. Face the Gingerbread Man
For this game all you need are gingerbread man cookies.  You place it on your forehead and, without using your hands, have to get the cookie into your mouth in 60 seconds.
3. Reindeer Nose Dive
The only picture I have of this one is from my phone, but it was pretty funny!  One person from each team dips their nose in vaseline.  One end of the ribbon has a red puff ball glued to the end, while the other side is placed in the team member's mouth.  They had 60 seconds to get the ball to stick to their nose.  Let's just say those with bigger noses might have had an advantage!

4.  Catch the Ball
Here one person stood behind a certain mark and had to throw a ball into a cup placed on the other person's head.  Taylor and Maddy were the ones to beat in pretty much each game!  All of the rest of us are just getting old!

 Of course Caroline had to test each game out for herself!
5.  Pedometer
Of course we could not have played with out this game!  The last time proved to be quite entertaining so it was fun to watch everyone again!  We put a pedometer on a headband and whoever moved the most within a minute, won! 
For the grand finale we let people decide what order they would go in, depending on how they did on each game.  Everyone took turns opening a present with ski gloves on.  The present was a big box wrapped in wrapping paper with lots of smaller wrapped boxes inside.  It was hard to open, but the person who opened the last and smallest box got to keep whatever was inside.  We ended with a $20... and I got to keep it!  :)
I'm sure this won't be the last time we make fools of ourselves!


Daddy & Daughter DATE

I still have quite a few more posts I need to write about from Christmas and our trip to Colorado, but I decided to jump to real time to share a sweet moment from this week.  {It could be a while before I catch up!}
Beauty and the Beast is Caroline's FAVORITE movie!  She retells the story about Belle whenever she gets a chance, so when we heard that they were re-releasing it into theaters and in 3-D, we knew this was the perfect opportunity to take Caroline to her first movie!!  Josh and Caroline have a little bonding time each night after we put Cooper to bed and before Caroline goes to bed where they watch a little bit of a movie. So movies are kind of their thing! Caroline asked Josh if he would take her and he gladly accepted!  She talked about going for weeks and also talked about how she was going to wear her Belle costume and how daddy was going to be the beast!  Well, we couldn't quite find a Beast costume, but Josh did get all dressed up.  However, when it came time to put on the pretty yellow Belle dress, Caroline had other plans.  So we went a different route and decided that this dress looked like Belle's blue dress.

What special moments!  They had a great time at the movies and ended up eating quite a few fruit snacks along the way!  

{As a side note... Josh is getting LASIK on Friday so he has had to where his glasses all week.  He is SO close to be able to seeing with out anything!!}


Santa Claus came to town!

We had quite the surprise on Christmas morning... Santa Claus came and visited!!  He was so concerned that the kids would think he forgot about them and wanted to make sure to tell them he had filled their stockings and left presents for them both in Pennsylvania and in Texas, so he made an extra stop to the house.  What a treat!

Thanks Santa!!



Christmas morning started early and everyone raced upstairs to see who had come overnight.  It was quite the sight with presents from Santa Claus!  The girls raced to their piles and had a blast playing with toys.
There were quite a few presents and Caroline was a little overwhelmed.  This year she actually "got" Christmas and so it was more fun to watch her face light up.  She got marshmallows and candy canes in her stocking and of course had to eat them right away!  Nothing like sugar at 7 in the morning!
Cooper managed to find one of those candy canes and was quite content for the rest of the morning.  He just sat and watched as the mess unfolded!
Even with so much going on, the girls still found time to love on Snuffy!

She got her drumsticks!  Anything Caroline finds at home she turns into drum sticks and starts banging.  So it was only fitting that Uncle Andy got her instruments... that make LOTS of noise!
Cooper wanting Ellie to stay and play with him.

Twas the Night Before Christmas

 Once home from church, we changed into our pajamas and had to get ready for Santa Claus to come!

Caroline and Emma sprinkled the Reindeer food out front and made sure everything was put in the right place.

 We got cookies ready for Santa and was sure to put them in two places of the house to make sure he didn't miss them!
 The girls looked and listened in awe as Uncle Paul poured the milk and explained to the girls just what Santa likes.
 So proud!


GREAT Grandparents

These kiddos are so lucky!  They have quite a few Great Grandparents and we were lucky enough to visit GREAT Grandpa and Grandma Green on Christmas Eve.  After church we headed over to their new apartment and got to spend a little time before the busy-ness of Christmas began.  It was such a nice time.  Now getting all four children {as well as grown ups} looking is quite the challenge!  We had many takes!

 The Guys!
This next picture is my favorite and pretty much sums up the evening. This was the last picture taken and the kids were done!  After a long church service and no dinner, what could we really expect?  :)


Christmas Begins

Our Christmas festivities started off by celebrating with Grandmother and PaPaw.  Unfortunately Grandmother was in the hospital, but we did not let that stop us!  We took the party to her!  Nanny and LC were there too and we all enjoyed watching everyone open presents.  We were so thankful that Grandmother felt well and could have us all in her room.

The first gift was Reindeer Food.  Grandmother had found very special hay especially for Santa's reindeer.  It consisted of hay, red sparkly tinsel and marshmallows.  What a delicious combination!!  Caroline could not wait to sprinkle this outside on Christmas Eve!

Super Coop got his fair share of fun toys!!  Lots of balls and cars and trains.  Just what every boy could ask for!

Such Happy Kids!