We were able to take a vacation to Panama City Beach, Florida in the beginning of May.  The first renters in our house were coming at the end of May, so we all went for a week to get the house ready for our guests and to also celebrate Uncle Andy's graduation!  It was great to see everyone and all of the cousins had so much fun!!  We had quite the time at the airport.  Trust me, travelling with 2 kids is much different than 1!!  Josh was with us for the first leg of the trip, but was only able to stay the weekend.  Both kids are still under 2, so they were able to fly for free.  We made it up to security with no meltdowns, but then both kids broke down.  Cooper started getting fussy and Caroline decided she needed attention too.  It was a little hectic with all of our stuff and the kids, but Southwest's employees were really helpful and we made it through.  Because both kids sat on our laps, we were not able to sit in the same row so we each had to take one kid.  Of course I looked to the row behind me and BOTH Josh and Cooper were sound asleep.  If only I had it that easy!  :)
Two kids means packing A LOT of stuff!!
 A great dad wears fuzzy backpacks!
 The kids were such troopers after a whole day of travelling!
We sure had FUN at the beach!!  Caroline and Emma played every day in the water with their buckets and shovels.  These girls are going to have a lot of fun at their beach house!
My camera fell off a chair and the regular lens broke the first day we were there, so I had to use my zoom lens the whole time or my phone, but I did manage to get some from the trip!

   Even Cooper hung out in the sun.  Covered in his bed, that is!


Finally... EASTER!

We had such a wonderful Easter this year and had a great timecelebrating and teaching our kids about JESUS!!  We woke up to find that the Easter Bunny had come and left behind some eggs and Easter baskets.  Caroline helped Cooper hunt for the eggs and found just about all of them!  Of course Daddy was right there to help!

Next we headed to church and were met by Grandmother and Pa Paw.  Afterwards we had everyone over to our house and hosted lunch.  It was a great time to spend together and Caroline had so much fun playing with her older cousins.   

Egg Hunt #2

Our Mom's group hosted an Easter Egg hunt this year as well.  Caroline got in some great practice and LOVED hunting for eggs.  She had a great time with her friends and loved enjoying all of the candy hidden in the eggs!!

Cooper enjoyed the whole party with his eyes closed.  At least he was joined by another little friend, Ian.

TCU Easter Egg Hunt

This was the first year that we took part in the TCU Easter Egg Hunt!!  Josh has been looking forward to this event pretty much since we had Caroline and we were so excited to take part this year!  It is always fun to go back to TCU and show our kids where we went to school.  Although Josh and I didn't know each other while we were there, it is so neat to both be excited to go back!  The weather could not have been more beautiful and Caroline was in heaven {until she met the Easter bunny, that is} :).  Eggs were scattered all over the front lawn and once they said GO, it was not even minutes until the eggs were gone.  Caroline got good practice in for all the other egg hunts we attended this year.
Amanda came along with us and was such a great babysitter for Cooper!! 
We really could not have done it with out her!

It is always fun to share in events with the Macha's!  These girls are such good friends and had a wonderful time running around and dancing!