Have you seen this Bunny???
12 inches tall... WELL LOVED... missing for 2 weeks!

Yes, we have now been missing Bunny for 2 weeks!!  She disappeared while Josh and I were out and when we came home, Caroline was still awake around 9:30pm and would not go to bed with out her beloved Bunny!  I had bought a "replacement" bunny just in case this ever happened, but she always knew the difference and did not care for it.  We were able to calm her down enough and because she was so tired, she took the bunny and slept through the night.  She's never really asked for the other bunny, but her sleeping has been affected!  Josh and I have looked everywhere and can not find this little rascal.  We have had so many good memories with her and need her back!!  Please Bunny... come back!!


You know it is spring in Texas when the bluebonnets start popping up all around!  They don't last long and as I type this, they are already almost gone for the year.  However there is a great place near our house that isn't near a highway and great for taking pictures.  We stopped when we were all together and just had to snap a few with both kids.  It was really windy and a little past Caroline's nap time, but they are priceless none the less! 

It is SO hard to get a picture of Caroline looking these days. 
When I tell her to smile, the answer I get is NO!  So this is the best we got!

Of course we have to stop and smell ALL flowers!

LOVE these chubby cheeks!!


Sibling Love!

What amazing moments!  I cannot wait until Cooper is a little older and can start reciprocating the love that Caroline shows him.  My favorite memory with my little brother was eating lunch every day at our kid size wooden picnic table in the basement.  We used to eat our peanut butter and jelly sandwiches there religiously at noon while watching Sesame Street.  Perhaps it was my mom's way of getting a little peace during the day, but regardless of the reason, we always had a great time and it left a lasting memory!  So far Caroline has been a little reluctant to hold Cooper, but she is always so concerned about him when she wakes up and just loves handing him his paci.  When he's laying on the floor, she will cuddle up on the blanket next to him and just smile. She seems to be so proud of him when we are playing with other children and definitely likes to claim him as hers!  It has been so hard to drag my camera out, so all of these were taken with my phone.  However I love that they are captured so spontaneously! 

And lastly, she wouldn't be a big sister with out having to try out some of Cooper's toys! Of course... it was her's first! :) 
(Taken after she crawled in all by herself!  I just had to get a picture and then get mad at her.)



Do not think for one second that Caroline was left out in any way while Cooper was born!!  With 6 grandparents and lots of friends visiting, this little girl was in no way short of attention! 

Here is Caroline's entertainment (and some of my favorite pictures) while at the hospital.  I was stuck in bed, but Josh was able to snap a couple pictures of what was going on in the hallway.  Here you can just tell that Caroline is scheming and telling her Grandpa and PaPaw just what to do!

Ready... Set...
Pop Pop was not able to make it until the weekend due to tax season, but once he was here, a trip to Toys R Us was definitely in order!  They came back with a purple tricycle!  Caroline helped Pop Pop put it together and could not wait to ride!! 

She rode around like quite the little princess!  No need to pedal or push, Caroline just needed to sit and look pretty.  She loved it!!

Lots of fun was had by all! 

Caroline sure kept Grami busy while we took Cooper on one of his first outings.  There was a petting zoo at the Arboretum and you can bet that Caroline made her visit each and every animal... not to mention chase her around the entire place!



Well I've debated over how I was going to handle my blog going forward.  Now with 2 kids, I first thought I would just continue all Botts' Family happenings on this site.  I titled it before Caroline was born and Little Miss Caroline just doesn't fit anymore.  If anyone knows me and how I am a 2nd child, they would know that this is just not acceptable!  :)  I first created a new blog for our entire family, but after ordering Caroline's Blog book, I decided it would be easier if each child has their own blog.  That way I will be able to order yearly books and eventually give them to the kids when they get older.  I figure it will be better than any baby book would be!  So with that said, Cooper has his own blog!  You can follow all of his happenings at:

Some posts may be the same on both, but I hope you find my little chubby cheeked boy just as interesting and entertaining as I do!


Caroline's entire life... documented!!

While reading a friend of a friend's blog, I discovered the Blog2Print website.  This is FANTASTIC and definitely the thing for a busy mother of two!  I have been meaning to create a photo book for Caroline and document everything, but just never got around to it.  My goal was to do one for her whole first year before her birthday.  Well, did that happen?  Absolutely not!  With this site all you have to do is type in your blog address and it automatically pops everything into a book!  You don't have much control over what goes where, but you don't have to do anything else.  You pick a picture for the front and back and poof you have a book!  In total mine came out to about 150 pages and was around $75.  I thought this was a little pricey so I became a fan of theirs on facebook and waited a couple weeks and they finally published a coupon code for 15% off.  I used that and ended up paying about $60 in total and could not be happier!  It looks really nice and professional and didn't take me long at all!  Definitely worth every penny!!


Quality Time

Where to start?  SO much has happened in the last month and there just has not been the time to write about it!  The week before Cooper arrived, Suzanne and DJ took Caroline and I out to lunch for my birthday.  Caroline got to spend some quality time with some of her grandparents and, for the last time, have them all to herself.  We went to a feed store and played with some baby ducks and bunnies and then headed to a nearby park in Grapevine.  She had such a wonderful time!