Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to All! 
From our Family to Yours!


Ho Ho Ho!

Can you believe it?!!  Santa took time out of his busy schedule to make a 2nd visit for these little guys! He came to Daddy's office and they were able to have some time with this guy to themselves!  Again, they both loved the opportunity to visit and Caroline could hardly wait her turn.  But when it was time, she walked right up to Santa and had a lot to say!

A star is born!

Caroline had her first Christmas performance at her school.  The two and three year olds sang two songs: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Ring the Bells.  They did SO well!  It is amazing how those teachers can get that many two year olds to listen and participate!  Daddy, Cooper and I all came to watch and Caroline did great!

Cooper did great and stayed up through out the entire thing.



 Several weekends ago we got to go and sit on Santa's lap!  This was the first time for the year and both kids didn't skip a beat!!  Last year was pretty hard for Caroline so we were a little worried.  I think it helped that we didn't have to wait in any lines and no other kids were crying.  The hard part was getting all three to look at the camera at the same time!  Santa wasn't quite ready in the one below!

Happy Thanksgiving... Gobble Gobble!

We celebrated Thanksgiving in Newton, TX this year with Josh's extended family.  This was Caroline's second trip to see everyone and she definitely had a lot of fun!!  She loved having older cousins around and they did so well entertaining her!  We had such a great time visiting and catching up with everyone.  I didn't get many pictures of this little girl because she was constantly on the go!

 Everyone pitched in and was hard at work for the Feast!
Cousin Brett was so excited to play with Caroline and Cooper that he guarded the stairs while they were taking a nap.  He made sure he heard them if they happened to get up.  :)

Cooper enjoyed every bit of his very first Thanksgiving dinner!
 The annual football game was held outside.  The weather was so beautiful and Nanny's yard was the perfect  place for it!  The big trees and open space was so refreshing to see.
Caroline and Kennedy opted out of the football game!
 What great friends!  Caroline still talks about everyone and asks where Carsyn, Kayla and Kenn-a-di are!  It is the cutest thing!

 Aunt Rosemary took the kids for rides on the golf cart.  Everything was fine and dandy while they were going slow.  However, I didn't crop this picture to explain what really happened!  With a full cart, everyone was having fun when Caroline got excited and walked across the front.  Well she actually stepped on the gas pedal and everyone watched, in what seemed like slow motion, while the golf cart drove directly into the wagon pictured in the background below.  The cart crashed and everyone was startled just a bit.  It could have been a lot worse, but everyone was okay.  Thank goodness!

Caroline and I made cookies for everyone and as she handed them out, she said to every person "Happy Thanksgiving... Gobble Gobble!"  It was the cutest thing and she was quite the sight!


Cousin Collin's Wedding

Several weekends ago we ventured to Austin and then to Kerrville for Josh's cousin Collin's wedding.  We were able to stay with his dad for a night and all went to the wedding together.  It was quite the whirlwind of a weekend, but so fun to see everyone and get to introduce them to Cooper.  We were a little leery on how they would do at a 2 o'clock wedding after a 2 hour drive and no nap.  But both kids did pretty well.  Unfortunately Josh had to sit with Cooper outside of the sanctuary for most of the service.  He just felt like talking more than watching.  :)
Caroline and Cooper found ways to entertain themselves before the wedding started.

Aunt Joanna was a big help and was definitely good with all of her Auntly duties!  She had her hands full!
Caroline found a friend!  Josh's other cousin, Brian's youngest daughter was 7.  She was the flower girl and played so well with Caroline.  Caroline just can't get enough of bigger kids!

Aunt Mary met Cooper for the first time!  She was a beautiful mother of the groom!
So typical!

Our attempt at a family picture.
All Caroline wanted to do was KISS!
And she got one!  However we didn't get a picture with everyone looking...  And I'm not really surprised!  :)
Of course Caroline's all time favorite reason for visiting Austin... Rocky and Bella of course!  I'm sure they were relieved to see us go.
Congratulations Collin and Michelle!  We had a wonderful time and wish you the best!


little models

I just love this time of year!  We had a fundraiser for the Mom's Club where a photographer took some pictures in a pumpkin patch and the kids were both pretty cooperative.  Amazingly, she even got all 4 of us looking at the camera!!


little blessings!

Two weekends ago we were able to celebrate Lauren and her little one who is SO close to making his appearance!  Lauren is such a dear friend and we are so excited to welcome Miles into this world!!  We had a small shower with several of her close friends and were able to enjoy lunch and sprinkle her little man with some special gifts. 

Lauren was just glowing! 
 We can't wait to meet this little guy!