Sing-A-Long with Grandmother

This morning Grandmother Suzanne took us to Pottery Barn Kids where there was a children's singer. We learned all sorts of new songs and got to sing and dance around with lots of other kids! Caroline was wide-eyed the entire time and spent most of the time soaking everything in. She was able to wear her first of several Halloween costumes and made quite a cute giraffe. And who could forget the bow? Yet another chance to wear one!

watching intently with Grandmother
we definitely couldn't leave with out dancing!
after all the fun, Dad came and met us for lunch!
what a fun day!!


and she ROLLS!!

Caroline has started rolling over! You know how hard Josh worked to train Beca... well he's at it again! With such an encouraging dad on her side, this little girl can do anything! This will give you an idea of how much she is changing. She is definitely a mover!


Halloween is almost here!

This weekend was filled with a lot of festive activities! Josh, Caroline, and I ventured to the Dallas arboretum and soaked up all of the wonderful weather! It was 70 degrees, sunny, and absolutely beautiful! We could not have asked for any better weather. Caroline was such a natural and posed next to the millions of pumpkins that they had! She's ready for Halloween!

We headed over to Adam and Julie's house on Saturday and carved pumpkins with all of the boys. Everyone had such a great time and some great pumpkins were carved!Caroline opted out of the messiness of pumpkins and spent the whole time in Aunt Julie's arms.



Last week we took Caroline on her first airplane ride to Colorado. She was such a good girl and did so well on the plane. Josh and I both took her on Friday night and I flew back by myself. Both times she did well, but on the way home we were delayed 2 hours. She didn't make a peep and was the best little kid on the plane!
This weekend was filled with lots of fun! Grami Tami had a party on Saturday to celebrate so many things! We welcomed Caroline and Kacey to the family, Cousin Emma turned 1, Grandma Lou turned ???, and Andy and Ashley got engaged! What a great day to celebrate! Everyone got to meet Caroline for the first time and it was great for everyone to be together.

4 Generations!!

After the party, Josh's one request was to watch the TCU/SMU game. Of course, we have yet another family picture in purple. This time Emma joined in on the fun! And the best part was that they won!What a football filled weekend! After TCU won, the Cowboys played the Broncos in Denver. All of the boys went to the game... 2 rooting for Dallas and 2 for Denver. We knew not everyone could be happy, but despite what they say, everyone had a great time! :)
The girl's first Bronco's t-shirts from Pop Pop.

The boys showing their team pride! Can you guess which one is real??

Josh and Paul had to head home on Monday, but Missy, Emma, Caroline, and I got to stay until Thursday. We had a great time catching up with each other and Grami Tami. Caroline got to meet quite a few of my highschool friends and experience a little bit of Colorado. It even started snowing on Thursday! What a great trip!!


3 months old!

Time has flown by so quickly and Caroline is already 3 months old! She has learned so many new things and changed so much. She is somewhere around 13 pounds, holding her head up all by herself, making noises, and noticing her surroundings. She LOVES things in her mouth! We are so blessed with such an amazing little girl!!


2 years and counting...

We are so blessed!! Josh and I celebrated our 2 year wedding anniversary on Tuesday. It was such a wonderful day!! I was awoken to Josh getting up with Caroline to change her and staying a little later in the morning. He then made me pancakes for breakfast! We had such a wonderful morning and got to share pancakes, presents, and best of all TIME together!

Unfortunately, he then had to go to work, but later that day 2 dozen of the most beautiful red roses and a very sweet card were delivered to our door!
We celebrated later that night by opening some special presents we had for each other and going out to dinner to Hibiscus. It was so much fun to be able to share this special time with Caroline and have her there with us! She was such a good girl and actually stayed awake until about half way through dinner.
Last year we took half of the top of our wedding cake to New York with us and it got a little soggy. We did eat some, but threw most of it away. Josh insisted that we continue the tradition of eating some, not only on our first anniversary, but for as many as it lasts! He cut a slice and dug right in! Two years later it wasn't that bad and just tasted like frozen cake. I had a bite, but he ate the whole piece! He might be alone in that tradition next year!
I would have to say that I have the most amazing husband! 2 years later and we have been married, bought a house, and have a beautiful daughter!! We truly have been blessed and it was definitely God that led us together! We look forward to many more anniversaries!!


So as of September 20th, I am no longer employed! Josh and I celebrated my "retirement" dinner with home cooked sea bass. He set the table with pink napkins stating "I was never meant to work." How fitting!