Valentine Treats!

I think Caroline received one of the best Valentine's Day presents that she could have... Grami and Pop Pop came to visit!! My parents flew in on February 13th and my dad stayed through Tuesday while my mom was able to visit for an entire week. They thought they were escaping the cold snow in Colorado, but they came here to find MORE snow! Fortunately most of it melted before they left. This trip was even more special because Pop Pop came during tax season to spend a little time with his grand-daugther! If that's not special treatment, I don't know what is! I'm told every year that he barely saw me being born because he was working so hard! She's one important girl in his book!Not a good picture at all, but the ONLY one we took with Pop Pop in it. What were we thinking?? Align Center
Kisses for Grami!!!We were lucky enough to have my parents and Suzanne and DJ over after church on Sunday for a Valentine's Brunch. It was fun catching up with everyone and Caroline definitely received her share of attention! Here she is playing hard with her Grami and Grandmother.
We had such a wonderful week! It went by so fast and by the end, I think we were all worn out, but it was so nice to spend some quality time together. We shopped until we dropped and Grami certainly did her fair share of spoiling. We found some new additions for Caroline's room, found some new toys, and added to her clothes collection. Thanks Grami Tami!
Playing Dress Up!!
More Kisses! Caroline has become quite the kisser lately. She opens up her mouth and goes for it everytime!! Whether it's your nose or cheek, it's just as sweet!


a winter wonderland... IN TEXAS!!

12 1/2 inches of snow and LOTS of fun!! This year Dallas beat the record for the most snowfall in one day! The snowflakes were very big and snow accumulated everywhere very quickly. Eventhough I'm not a huge fan of the cold white snow, it definitely was beautiful around here. Josh stayed home with us and tried to work from home. Although I can say that he will probably never willingly try to do that again, we all had a great day! Caroline experienced MORE snow for her first winter. I'm not quite sure she loved it, but we'll always have these pictures to look back on. Someone needs to give this Texan a lesson in making a snow man! After a little time, Josh did manage to build a pretty nice one for Caroline!Because Josh stayed home, he got Caroline dressed for the day. I just had to post this picture because its hilarious!! Josh's response was:
"What? It's all pink!"
Hmm.... :)


little surprises...

It was 4 years ago today that Josh and I met! This entire week holds quite a few memories for the two of us. We met on February 10th... our first date was February 15th... and we got engaged 1 year later on February 9th. And in between all of that is Valentine's Day, my favorite holiday!! I was surprised when these beautiful roses arrived at our door today to celebrate the day our lives changed and also Valentine's Day. What a wonderful husband I have!!


wrapped around his finger!

Wouldn't you know it... Caroline has already learned how to steal Daddy's credit card away! :) It may only be useful to chew on for now, however I keep telling her how important this is going to be in the future!


7 MONTHS OLD... and on the move!

7 months ago a little angel entered our life! And 7 months ago I did not know that my heart would grow so much!! Caroline has absolutely changed my life and I honestly do not know what we did with out her! She has definitely become quite the little girl and has developed her own personality. She loves to laugh, loves to roll, and is so determined to crawl! She hasn't quite mastered it yet, but can still get across the floor pretty quickly. This 7 month "photo shoot" was pretty hard to get some decent pictures. She's such a wiggle worm! Between me holding Beca back and giving Caroline toys to play with, we did get a couple showing just how cute she is!