We love you SO much and can't wait to see you next week!!

Love Uncle Josh, Aunt Kiki and Cousin Carrie



My little 14 month old definitely knows what she likes! And when she likes something, she doesn't seem to let go. Above is her Bunny Foo Foo and this bunny hardly leaves her sight. We have tried really hard to not let this little guy leave the crib, but it is getting harder and harder for Caroline's little hands to give her up. I have been pretty adamant about not buying another one for a little while, but we found one in a store while we were shopping the other day. Caroline saw it and just had to have it! I figured that it wouldn't hurt to have two. The shocking thing is that these two bunnies in the picture started out THE SAME! Who would have guessed?! When given both, Caroline still prefers the original, but will carry both around and eventually drops the new one. If she only has the new one as an option, it is just as good! I'm not sure who is going to win the battle of whether or not it leaves the crib, but for now, we are covered if anything ever happens to Bunny Foo Foo! Ohh, the joy of first love!


Favorite time of year!

September is finally here! We had a wonderful weekend filled with (somewhat) cooler weather and lots of friends! Not to mention a little college FOOTBALL! We started the weekend with a 1 year old's birthday party where Caroline got to play with a lot of little ones. We had a great time and enjoyed Caleb digging into his cake!! We wore our purple all day and later that evening headed to the TCU/Oregon State game at Cowboys' Stadium. We had a fabulous time rooting on the Frogs and experiencing the new stadium. Caroline is definitely allowed to go to any college she likes, but if her dad has his way, she too will be a horned frog! I can't wait to keep taking these yearly pictures of her dressed up and seeing the way she changes every year. She sure is growing up quickly!!We had some friends over on Sunday and celebrated the end of summer with one last pool party. The water was quite cold and most of us didn't get in, but it was a good time to just be together.

To top things off, we still had Monday!! We relaxed and hung out as a family by playing and going to the park. We ended the evening with dinner at the Macha's and fun with the twins!

With all of this said, we are ready for Fall!!