Really?! Basically that's all I'm able to say about this! And yes, it's a good story, but one that wasn't quite so funny in the moment! Two days ago Caroline locked me out of the house!!! Yes, Caroline... my not quite 2 year old who can't even turn a door handle to open it when closed. Well, we had just gotten home from running errands and it was about 5:30pm. Cooper was hungry and screamed the whole way home and Caroline doesn't ever like being in the car, so we were all just ready to be home. I plopped Cooper in the swing and turned the tv on for Caroline. I walked out to the garage to bring some things in and shut the door behind me so Caroline would not run out. Oh no!... she definitely did not run out... but she did lock the door behind me!! WHAT?!! I jiggled the door handle and tried to coax her into turning the lock again, but she just laughed and played with the handle. Well, that idea surely wasn't going to work. I was outside in 100 degree weather with no shoes, no keys and no cell phone! Honestly, I wasn't quite sure what to do! I walked to the neighbor's house and asked to borrow their phone. I called Josh but he had left to work out and wasn't answering his cell phone or work phone. The neighbor's {who I had never met} were very nice and let me take their cell phone to keep trying to call Josh. Josh normally gets home around 6:30 and I figured he would call around 6 to tell me he was on his way home. I could see both kids through the windows in the back and neither one of them seemed phased at all that I wasn't there. Cooper just swang and Caroline played with her bunny and watched tv. I hadn't started cooking any dinner so I didn't have to worry about that either, but I did get pretty nervous when I realized that Josh didn't have a key to the house either!! Our house is up for sale and we do have a realtor lock box on the front door, but that can only be opened by a realtor. DJ could open it... but I didn't have his phone number without my cell phone and they live at least 20 minutes away!! I panicked and called my dad's office phone number which has been the same number since I was little. He helped look up some locksmith numbers and finally got ahold of Josh. Josh called DJ and he started our way. But then he called back and our friend had told him that you can open the door with a credit card. Of course the one time I had taken my purse in the house, I needed my credit card. But I managed to have a gift card in the car. I tried it and IT WORKED!!! 45 minutes later and I was in!! Was my daughter crying? Was she wondering where I was? Of course not... I walked in and she held up her sippy cup and said "More Milk Please". I was missed THAT much!


*Don't think this can't happen to you! :) Hide a key outside of your house somewhere and don't underestimate what your child can do!

*Try a credit card to pop open a simple door handle lock. It's a little scary how easy it worked, but it did!

*Caroline sure thinks she's funny!

SO Ornery!



We have had SO much fun this summer!  The second the weather got warm, we have been outside!  And Caroline has become quite the little fish!  Here she is playing in our water sprinkler and she LOVES running straight through.  This girl is not afraid of the water at all!!

We have got one active little girl on our hands!! Caroline has definitely found a love for the pool and wants to be in every second. We have got to watch her every second she is outside and make sure she doesn't just jump in the pool... clothes and all! She loves going under the water, loves dunking her head, and just loves splashing around! Our pool is great because of the huge first step that she can stand on, but now she wants to go farther in the pool. I love that she is not afraid and this is just one more glimpse into her personality. Our active and outgoing child sure is tough! {And sometimes that makes our lives just a little bit tougher...} We love you Caroline!!


To Grandmother's house we go!

Who doesn't love puppies?!!  Puppies, dogs, horses, goats and FUN are all what can be found at Grandmother's house!  Caroline just loves going to visit Grandmother and play with all of her fun animals.  She hardly ever sits down and drags Grandmother around with her, hand in hand.  Unfortunately for Caroline {and fortunately for me} the puppies have all been sold.  I'm sure there will be more and we can always go and play, but for now we are a 1 dog family!  :)  Right, Grandmother?? 


A BIG Girl Now!!

We arrived home from our Florida trip and drove back from Houston around 6:30pm.  Caroline's bedtime is usually somewhere around 7:30, so we ate a quick dinner, did bathtime and then got ready for bed.  It was so strange, but Caroline insisted on sleeping in her toddler bed.  Adam and Julie gave us Sam's old bed in December and ever since we have just kept it in the corner of her room.  I wasn't very pushy on transitioning her to it because I didn't want to do anything drastic while we were preparing for Cooper's arrival.  Caroline loved playing in the bed and reading books, but never really looked at it as a place to sleep.  I just figured that we would have to get her a real bed for her to actually stay in it.  One morning in Florida, Caroline woke up really early because Cooper was crying and I put her in my bed.  She was so tired that she just went right to sleep.  When I woke up, I took Cooper downstairs and she slept for about an hour and a half longer.  We heard something calling from the top of the 1st floor stairs.  She had woke up, climbed down from a tall king size bed on the third floor and come all the way down to the second staircase.  My little girl definitely isn't a baby anymore!!  So far she has slept 3 full weeks in her bed and doesn't even get out of it in the mornings.  She just calls to me and lets me know she is awake.  That was much easier than I expected!!  Now if only taking the pacifier away will be that easy...  :)
She's getting SO big!!