"I - Dora... You - Boots"

Caroline has gotten to be so much fun lately!  She has always been a joy to play with, but we have entered an entirely new way of play.  She has such the imagination and really gets into role-playing.  We take her dress up dolls to the "park" located in our living room where they swing, go down slides and even play in the sand.  The other day we drove her car to the beach and played in the waves.  Of course someone is always "sick" around here and Doctor Caroline has to make them feel better.  Usually after checking the heart with her stethoscope, the temperature and blood pressure, everything can usually be made better with a bandaid.  The more the better!!  While we were playing yesterday she got out the tops of her play pots and pans and said "I Dora, you Boots" and started clapping the tops like cymbals and marching around the room.  Cooper was sleeping so this went on for quite a while.  She didn't forget and whatever she asked for she kept calling me "Mommy Boots".  "Come on Mommy Boots!  What you doing Mommy Boots?  Let's go Mommy Boots!"  Every once in a while she had to remind me {and mainly herself} "I Dora!".  She is quite the funny girl and {although bossy at times} makes us consistantly smile!


1st day of S.C.H.O.O.L!!

 2 years old and ready for preschool!!  We decided to enroll Caroline in a Mother's Day out program at a local church near by.  She started on Tuesday and will go every Tuesday and Thursday from 9am-2pm.  We were a little nervous about her being gone so long, but she did GREAT!!  I'm assuming that she was pretty worn out from the weekend so Tuesday morning I had to wake her up at 8:20am.  We were a little rushed and had to hurry to get out of the house on time, but we made it and even had a couple minutes to snap a few pictures.
 Josh was really busy, but went in to work SUPER early and came home to go with us.
 Walking in like such a BIG girl!!
 She walked in like a PRO!  She went straight through the door and hardly looked back. This was a little bittersweet for us, but just showed us what an independent girl she is.
When I came back to pick Caroline up, this is how I found her!!  There were 3 other kids in the classroom running around and playing while my little girl slept in the corner.  She was still asleep and it took me getting down and talking to her to wake her up.
I probably could have put Caroline back down when we got home, but instead we opted for celebrating the first day of school with some ICE CREAM!  We headed to Chic-fil-a where she got a treat and a chance to play. 

 What a BIG day!!  Caroline did so great and loved telling me all about school!  Her teachers said she was the only one to go down the BIG slide and marched right on up and did it all by herself.  We are so proud of the strong and independent girl that she has become.  It is hard to let her go a little, but she shines in every situation.  I wish time would just freeze and both Caroline and Cooper would stay this age forever!!  But every time I look up, I like the stage they are in more than the last.  They just get more fun!!  I love you sweet Caroline!


Horned Frog Football!

Last Friday night our Frogs opened up their season with their first game against Baylor.  Josh was a little nervous going into this saying that all of the odds were against us.  It was a Friday night away game, TCU has a new quarterback and of course we just came off of the big Rose Bowl win.  Well, they didn't look so good in the first half, but came back and fought hard in the 2nd!!  Our poor Frogs just didn't pull it off and lost by 2 points. 
 Football watching is a little different these days!!  We joined all of our other fellow season ticket holders over at the Macha's and everyone brought their kids.  (We missed you miss Norah!)  All together we had 6 kids and two pregnant ladies!  I couldn't even quite tell you a football game was playing, but we had a GREAT time!!  It was so much fun to all get together and there was SO much purple in the house!
 Sorry Macha's!!  I hope you didn't stay up too long cleaning up! 
Despite the loss, we are ready for a GREAT season!!  GO TCU!!