Surprise Date Night!

I have an absolutely amazing husband who always continues to "wow" me every day! Last Friday Caroline and I really had no plans for the day except Amanda had said she wanted to come and visit. Well, that morning I received flowers delivered to our door. They were from Josh and said that every day should be a day to tell me how much he loves me! He told me that my "visitor" would be bringing the next clue. I did not know what was going on, but when Amanda arrived, she told me the clue "What would Harvey say?" Harvey is one of Caroline's favorite bath toys and has a pretty cool voice (Daddy's voice of course!). I followed several clues around the house to find a new dress hanging in the closet! He had bought me flowers, a new dress, was taking me out to dinner, and even arranged for Amanda to babysit! Josh always tries so hard to find "us" time and makes sure we have special moments. He always says it's easy and he tries to do what single Josh would do. So cute! Well, we had a great dinner at the new Ferring's restaurant in the Ritz downtown and then even made it to see Toy Story in 3-D. It was a great night and was so nice to get out and relax! Thank you Josh!! I love you!

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