Cousin Collin's Wedding

Several weekends ago we ventured to Austin and then to Kerrville for Josh's cousin Collin's wedding.  We were able to stay with his dad for a night and all went to the wedding together.  It was quite the whirlwind of a weekend, but so fun to see everyone and get to introduce them to Cooper.  We were a little leery on how they would do at a 2 o'clock wedding after a 2 hour drive and no nap.  But both kids did pretty well.  Unfortunately Josh had to sit with Cooper outside of the sanctuary for most of the service.  He just felt like talking more than watching.  :)
Caroline and Cooper found ways to entertain themselves before the wedding started.

Aunt Joanna was a big help and was definitely good with all of her Auntly duties!  She had her hands full!
Caroline found a friend!  Josh's other cousin, Brian's youngest daughter was 7.  She was the flower girl and played so well with Caroline.  Caroline just can't get enough of bigger kids!

Aunt Mary met Cooper for the first time!  She was a beautiful mother of the groom!
So typical!

Our attempt at a family picture.
All Caroline wanted to do was KISS!
And she got one!  However we didn't get a picture with everyone looking...  And I'm not really surprised!  :)
Of course Caroline's all time favorite reason for visiting Austin... Rocky and Bella of course!  I'm sure they were relieved to see us go.
Congratulations Collin and Michelle!  We had a wonderful time and wish you the best!

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