a weekend for 3!

Last weekend was pretty much our last weekend with just the three of us!  Grami came Tuesday and Cooper could come any day now.  Although I don't feel that different and just really don't see him coming before the 15th, it is still amazing to think that we will go into the hospital SO soon.  We had plans of taking Caroline to the zoo, but it turned out to be a little cold Saturday morning.  Instead we just hung out, Josh took Caroline for a little while and I was able to get some things done around the house.  It was such a relaxing time and filled with a lot of quality family time.  We then decided to go out to dinner and have gelato for dinner!  We headed to Southlake and were going to go to the Cheesecake Factory since it was 5:30 and figured we wouldn't have to wait.  Well, we were wrong!  It really wasn't bad and we spent some time reading in Barnes & Nobles and then headed across the street to Snuffers instead.  I guess this is what being a parent will do to you.  You trade good food and atmosphere for quick and easy!  Although I must say, the hamburgers tasted quite good!  Caroline got chicken fingers and even tried ranch dressing.  After the first taste she said "MORE" and dipped the entire piece in, along with her hand.  I think she found a favorite already!!  We did use the ipod for videos for a little while, but she did great!  Then we even treated ourselves with gelato!  Caroline stayed up until about 8 and enjoyed it all!  What a lucky girl!  All of the pictures were taken with my phone, but at least its something!  On Sunday the weather was much better and we got to spend some time at the park!  We can't wait to use this last week to prepare for Little Brother!
Daddy and Caroline found lots of books to read!  I couldn't quite bend down to join them!

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