the von Goertz' visit Texas!

Our COUSINS came to visit!  We hadn't seen the von Goertz' {my sister and her family} since May and the time was just too much!  They came to visit in September and we had such a wonderful time!  We were quite busy with four kids under three and didn't get a ton of pictures that I had hoped for, but we tried!  We were able to get a lot of shopping in and the boys spent most of the weekend revolving around football!!

Our first activity of the weekend was a TCU game!  This was the first home game that we were able to make it to so we loaded up two cars and headed to Fort Worth.  Paul and Josh went to the game while Missy and I took the kids home after hanging out on campus.  We had a fun time dressing everyone up in purple and playing out on the front lawn.

For some reason there was a longhorn there which you could take pictures with.  Josh almost refused to take one because we are TCU of course... not UT!  But Caroline hopped right up and loved sitting on the cow! 
My little man all decked out in his purple.  Josh bought everyone new outfits at the start of the season and made sure we all had enough purple to support our Frogs!
We even got Uncle Paul to sport his purple!!  The boys and their babies... yes they got a lot of looks!  :)

Miss Amanda even came out to say hi!
Our drive home is definitely something that needs to be documented, however I'm not sure I can quite do it justice!!  We do have video to prove it and I am going to have to get it from my sister.  We left Fort Worth - me, my sister and four kids!  Emma and Caroline were in the third row, Ellie and Cooper in the middle and my sister and I up front.  Yes we did fit 4 carseats in there, but it was tight!  It was about 2 o'clock and no kids had taken naps for the day.  Ellie was just not loving the car ride and was upset when Cooper started getting fussy as well.  Well, we couldn't get them to stop and the noise was just too much for Emma.  She started crying because it was too loud for her ears.  Caroline lasted a little longer, but then dropped her bunny and also started crying because she was too far back and we couldn't get it!  All of this happened as we came to stopped traffic!!  There was nothing we could do so we exited the highway and stopped at Target.  To make a long story {somewhat} short, we spent time walking around with sweaty, upset kids all dressed alike.  We shopped a little, drank juice boxes and nursed kids all while in the store.  It was quite a hilarious sight!  Once everyone had settled down we made it back to the car, buckled all kids in and took a deep breath.  Before we even started the car my phone rang and it was Josh saying they were on their way home?!  WHAT?  We still had at least 25 minutes left to go.  Well at least traffic was flowing when we got back on the highway.  :)  Needless to say the guys got home and Missy and I left and spent the evening shopping!  

These boys were destined to be brothers in law!  For some strange reason God made Paul {a native Minnesotan} a HUGE Cowboys fan!  He has rooted for them since he was young and it just so happened that we live in Dallas!  Josh and Paul made a goal to see the Cowboys play in every stadium in the US.  So, they have already checked Denver, Philadelphia and the old Cowboys' stadium off of their list, so they decided this year they would come and visit us AND see a game in the new stadium!!  It worked out perfectly!  They first took a tour of the stadium on Sunday and took both "big" girls with them.  They were in complete awe!  We hear that the cheerleaders were their favorite part... however we're not sure who's favorite part!! :)
2 loving cousins!
We were so busy that this was one of the only pictures we got of Cooper and Ellie together.  They did enjoy each other and will be so fun when they both start moving!
We spent a great morning at the park with great weather!
Miss Ellie was definitely on the move!  She is SO close to walking and such a wiggle worm!  We just loved seeing how much she has changed and how big she has gotten!

The one thing Emma wanted to do was go swimming!!  She had Grami send her water wings to her from Florida just so she could bring them to Texas.  We had such a long stretch of over 100 degree weather and then the week before they arrived, temperatures dropped a little.  I would definitely have said that the water was too cold to swim, but nothing was stopping Emma!  She probably got in the pool at least 3 different times.  Caroline and Emma started out playing on the step in their shorts and somehow ended up drenched!

We had some fun play time!
We love our Aunt MiMi!!
Right before we were about to head to the airport, we tried to get a good picture of Caroline and Emma together.  Wow!  This was quite a feat.  The next pictures show just what was going on...  Hopefully next time we are together we will be able to get one!  :)

Elle just looked on and wasn't sure what was happening!!
We had a wonderful time and hope they come back soon!!  We all live too far away!

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