we love visitors!

March was such a busy month for us and I honestly can not believe that it is over!  We started things off with Grami coming to visit on March 1st.  This is her annual "tax season" trip to get away for a little while during the time that my dad is swamped, but this year it was extra special because it was Cooper's birthday!  We started off the visit with a trip to Canton for First Monday.  I have been in Texas for quite a while, but never been so we finally planned a time where she would be here for the first weekend of the month.  We had a great time and found a lot of treasures!  Too many, in fact, that they did not fit in our car!  :)

Caroline made us cupcakes the first morning Grami arrived.

Caroline and Grami picked out a special cake for me and surprised me on my birthday.  Aunt Mimi, Emma and Ellie all flew in the night before so they were there to celebrate too.
I had help blowing out my candles.
And lots of help opening my presents.  And because there were so many people visiting, Josh and I got to enjoy a nice dinner out by ourselves.
Emma was quite the encourager for going potty.
And Ellie gave Beca lots of attention!
Quite a classic picture.  Both girls on iPads not paying any attention to the boys.
We couldn't have a party without a DANCE PARTY!
Uncle Josh (Daddy) is the BEST spinner!

We love Grami!!

We tried to get a picture of Grami with all of the kids and this is the best we got!  We love you all and hope you come back VERY soon!!

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