Oh no... THE BIG 3-0!!

We survived the snow, made it back to Texas and have now taken down all Christmas decorations, however we had such a wonderful holiday! Caroline did so well for her first Christmas season and had so much fun visiting with family. We have been so busy lately that so much has gone on without writing. The first thing we did was celebrate Josh turning 30!! Yep, he is now officially out of his 20's! Caroline and I picked him up from work on Friday the 18th and had a little scavenger hunt planned. We went and looked at Christmas lights in Highland Park, had him open his presents and then wound up at Blue Fish (our favorite restaurant) where he thought we were having dinner. Caroline did her part on getting a little fussy (all planned of course!) and it caused us to take some time to change and feed her. We then got to the restaurant and I told him that I had already picked up the food and it was waiting at home. We arrived at our house a little later and all of our friends were waiting to SURPRISE him! They did such a great job keeping it a secret! We spent the night reminiscing about Josh's younger years and all celebrating Josh! And of course... we had Blue Fish! I forgot my camera and then couldn't find it for most of the night, but we did manage to get a couple good shots of the night!

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