one...two...three...four... FIVE MONTHS!!

5 months old and SO much personality! Caroline is really beginning to become her own person. She knows what she wants, what she doesn't, and does everything possible to make that known! She is starting to dislike her carseat and no longer falls alseep on every car ride. She loves rolling over and will always do this to chase Beca! Just seeing her sister lights up her face and gives her something to grab! Beca thinks this is funny for a little while and then runs before she gets her hair pulled! We cannot believe that 5 months have already gone by! Thanksgiving snuck up on me and now Christmas is not that far away. The weather has started to get colder and our Christmas decorations are up... it's coming whether I like it or not! Before I have a chance to blink, it is going to be 2010! What happened to '09?

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