a winter wonderland... IN TEXAS!!

12 1/2 inches of snow and LOTS of fun!! This year Dallas beat the record for the most snowfall in one day! The snowflakes were very big and snow accumulated everywhere very quickly. Eventhough I'm not a huge fan of the cold white snow, it definitely was beautiful around here. Josh stayed home with us and tried to work from home. Although I can say that he will probably never willingly try to do that again, we all had a great day! Caroline experienced MORE snow for her first winter. I'm not quite sure she loved it, but we'll always have these pictures to look back on. Someone needs to give this Texan a lesson in making a snow man! After a little time, Josh did manage to build a pretty nice one for Caroline!Because Josh stayed home, he got Caroline dressed for the day. I just had to post this picture because its hilarious!! Josh's response was:
"What? It's all pink!"
Hmm.... :)

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