Christmas Continues!

We headed to Pennsylvania several days after Christmas to go and meet Ellie as well as celebrate Christmas with my family.  We know that we won't always be able to make it home for the actual holiday, but Josh and I both think it is pretty important to make an attempt to see everyone!  We had such a great time and thank my sister and Paul for having us!!  It was a little weird not going back to Colorado, but hopefully we can make it there soon.  Josh hasn't been to Colorado since last Christmas and the last time I was there was in June.  Time sure flies!!

We got in late Wednesday night and of course had to have "Christmas Morning" bright and early!  Grami and Pop Pop Santa Claus sure left a lot of presents!  Caroline still wasn't feeling great, but she was a little bit more into opening presents this time. 

Cooper is already being spoiled!!  Aunt Missy found a little boy doll for Caroline to have her own
"Baby Cooper" and Grami found a BLUE bunny for Cooper to be just like his big sister!

They know Josh way too well!!  Cooper's first TCU t-shirt!

We were SO blessed!!  I got a zoom lens for my camera and LOVE how the pictures turn out! 
This is from across the room!!  Isn't my husband adorable?:)

We had lots of fun playing together!  Josh is such a great uncle!
Grami got the girls all matching pajamas!  I can't wait to look back on these pictures
when they're older.

Of course Caroline remembered the ball pit!! 
Emma and Ellie are SO lucky to have a basement all for themselves full of toys! 
We in Texas are SO jealous!

The whole family joined in playing games!  It was so fun to have Uncle Andy with us!
Although it was cold, we had a chance to go to some natural caves. 
While everyone else went exploring, we got to play at the petting zoo and playground. 
Caroline loved the bunnies!

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