poor baby!

I am so far behind and really have a lot to share, but this is going to take some time!  From the previous post you can see that Caroline was pretty sick on Christmas.  We think she might have had an allergic reaction to the dogs because she was playing so closely with them.  She loved the dog bed and loved crawling into their crate.  Although it was so cute to watch such excitement on her face, we probably should not have let her do this.  She woke up from her nap on Christmas Eve with a red and puffy face.  It went down pretty quickly and she seemed to be okay.  So we still went to church that night.  The next morning she wasn't great, but we decided to still go see everyone for Christmas.  This is where we knew it really got bad!  She sat on our laps the whole day and did not eat anything.  She was so congested that she couldn't sleep and even threw up a couple times because there was so much in her nose. We were pretty worried about her so first thing Monday morning we headed to the doctor.

All they could really tell us is that Caroline had bronchiolitis and was having spasms in her bronchial tube and trouble breathing.  This could have been caused by a number of different things and only time will tell if it is something that will continue later on.  They gave her an oral steroid there through a nebulizer and had us continue this at home.  Luckily we borrowed one from a friend and did not have to purchase a new one!! The above picture shows my poor girl having to breathe in her medicine.  It was such a sad sight to see her wearing this.  The first time was really hard and we had to hold her arms down while she cried and tried to move.  From then on out, she would just sit and let me do it.  It helped THAT much! 

Although it was hard to watch Caroline be sick, it made it worse that we were leaving for Pennsylvania on Wednesday AND going to be around a newborn.  Wednesday morning came and nothing was better!  Caroline was so hard to handle and I really wasn't sure what to do.  We had to leave for the airport at 2pm and around 10 I just knew something was wrong!!  I called the doctor and they did a wonderful job fitting us in and seeing us as soon as they could.  I spent an hour in the waiting room and was starting to think I was just over-reacting and making a bigger deal out of things.  When we finally saw the doctor, my suspicions were confirmed and we discovered she had a really bad ear infection.  GREAT!  Just great!  We had to fly in 3 hours and were really worried what the plane would do to her.  We got some medicine and some numbing drops and she was an angel!!  God definitely answered our prayers! She still was not herself until about Saturday of the trip, but thankfully we got everything taken care of!  And I can now say that my little girl is FINALLY 100% better!!

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