There is a God...

and He read my last post!!  BUNNY HAS BEEN FOUND!!  Sunday we started cleaning our entire house and emptying out closets.  I started on Cooper's closet and picked up a pile of onesies that I had put on his shelf.  As I pulled it out, bunny was in my hand peering out!  Josh and I just stared at eachother and weren't quite sure what we should do.  Do we give it to her?  Do we see if she notices? She ran in the room at that moment and we handed it to her.  Her reaction was "Bubbee"!  She grabbed it and has pretty much not put her down yet!  She was giddy and kept hugging her and playing with her.  She picks her up so gently and treats her as a very delicate little baby.  It is so funny!  She still picks up the other one but now says "2 Bubbees" and will randomly just drop the other one.  Three weeks later and Caroline's first love is back!

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