A BIG Girl Now!!

We arrived home from our Florida trip and drove back from Houston around 6:30pm.  Caroline's bedtime is usually somewhere around 7:30, so we ate a quick dinner, did bathtime and then got ready for bed.  It was so strange, but Caroline insisted on sleeping in her toddler bed.  Adam and Julie gave us Sam's old bed in December and ever since we have just kept it in the corner of her room.  I wasn't very pushy on transitioning her to it because I didn't want to do anything drastic while we were preparing for Cooper's arrival.  Caroline loved playing in the bed and reading books, but never really looked at it as a place to sleep.  I just figured that we would have to get her a real bed for her to actually stay in it.  One morning in Florida, Caroline woke up really early because Cooper was crying and I put her in my bed.  She was so tired that she just went right to sleep.  When I woke up, I took Cooper downstairs and she slept for about an hour and a half longer.  We heard something calling from the top of the 1st floor stairs.  She had woke up, climbed down from a tall king size bed on the third floor and come all the way down to the second staircase.  My little girl definitely isn't a baby anymore!!  So far she has slept 3 full weeks in her bed and doesn't even get out of it in the mornings.  She just calls to me and lets me know she is awake.  That was much easier than I expected!!  Now if only taking the pacifier away will be that easy...  :)
She's getting SO big!!

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