We have had SO much fun this summer!  The second the weather got warm, we have been outside!  And Caroline has become quite the little fish!  Here she is playing in our water sprinkler and she LOVES running straight through.  This girl is not afraid of the water at all!!

We have got one active little girl on our hands!! Caroline has definitely found a love for the pool and wants to be in every second. We have got to watch her every second she is outside and make sure she doesn't just jump in the pool... clothes and all! She loves going under the water, loves dunking her head, and just loves splashing around! Our pool is great because of the huge first step that she can stand on, but now she wants to go farther in the pool. I love that she is not afraid and this is just one more glimpse into her personality. Our active and outgoing child sure is tough! {And sometimes that makes our lives just a little bit tougher...} We love you Caroline!!

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