"I - Dora... You - Boots"

Caroline has gotten to be so much fun lately!  She has always been a joy to play with, but we have entered an entirely new way of play.  She has such the imagination and really gets into role-playing.  We take her dress up dolls to the "park" located in our living room where they swing, go down slides and even play in the sand.  The other day we drove her car to the beach and played in the waves.  Of course someone is always "sick" around here and Doctor Caroline has to make them feel better.  Usually after checking the heart with her stethoscope, the temperature and blood pressure, everything can usually be made better with a bandaid.  The more the better!!  While we were playing yesterday she got out the tops of her play pots and pans and said "I Dora, you Boots" and started clapping the tops like cymbals and marching around the room.  Cooper was sleeping so this went on for quite a while.  She didn't forget and whatever she asked for she kept calling me "Mommy Boots".  "Come on Mommy Boots!  What you doing Mommy Boots?  Let's go Mommy Boots!"  Every once in a while she had to remind me {and mainly herself} "I Dora!".  She is quite the funny girl and {although bossy at times} makes us consistantly smile!

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