Horned Frog Football!

Last Friday night our Frogs opened up their season with their first game against Baylor.  Josh was a little nervous going into this saying that all of the odds were against us.  It was a Friday night away game, TCU has a new quarterback and of course we just came off of the big Rose Bowl win.  Well, they didn't look so good in the first half, but came back and fought hard in the 2nd!!  Our poor Frogs just didn't pull it off and lost by 2 points. 
 Football watching is a little different these days!!  We joined all of our other fellow season ticket holders over at the Macha's and everyone brought their kids.  (We missed you miss Norah!)  All together we had 6 kids and two pregnant ladies!  I couldn't even quite tell you a football game was playing, but we had a GREAT time!!  It was so much fun to all get together and there was SO much purple in the house!
 Sorry Macha's!!  I hope you didn't stay up too long cleaning up! 
Despite the loss, we are ready for a GREAT season!!  GO TCU!!

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