Christmas morning started early and everyone raced upstairs to see who had come overnight.  It was quite the sight with presents from Santa Claus!  The girls raced to their piles and had a blast playing with toys.
There were quite a few presents and Caroline was a little overwhelmed.  This year she actually "got" Christmas and so it was more fun to watch her face light up.  She got marshmallows and candy canes in her stocking and of course had to eat them right away!  Nothing like sugar at 7 in the morning!
Cooper managed to find one of those candy canes and was quite content for the rest of the morning.  He just sat and watched as the mess unfolded!
Even with so much going on, the girls still found time to love on Snuffy!

She got her drumsticks!  Anything Caroline finds at home she turns into drum sticks and starts banging.  So it was only fitting that Uncle Andy got her instruments... that make LOTS of noise!
Cooper wanting Ellie to stay and play with him.

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