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I still have quite a few more posts I need to write about from Christmas and our trip to Colorado, but I decided to jump to real time to share a sweet moment from this week.  {It could be a while before I catch up!}
Beauty and the Beast is Caroline's FAVORITE movie!  She retells the story about Belle whenever she gets a chance, so when we heard that they were re-releasing it into theaters and in 3-D, we knew this was the perfect opportunity to take Caroline to her first movie!!  Josh and Caroline have a little bonding time each night after we put Cooper to bed and before Caroline goes to bed where they watch a little bit of a movie. So movies are kind of their thing! Caroline asked Josh if he would take her and he gladly accepted!  She talked about going for weeks and also talked about how she was going to wear her Belle costume and how daddy was going to be the beast!  Well, we couldn't quite find a Beast costume, but Josh did get all dressed up.  However, when it came time to put on the pretty yellow Belle dress, Caroline had other plans.  So we went a different route and decided that this dress looked like Belle's blue dress.

What special moments!  They had a great time at the movies and ended up eating quite a few fruit snacks along the way!  

{As a side note... Josh is getting LASIK on Friday so he has had to where his glasses all week.  He is SO close to be able to seeing with out anything!!}

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