And he will be called...

We are excited to announce that we will name our little boy Cooper Fries Botts. Josh and I really liked the name Cooper before and think it fits perfectly for this little one!  Fries, although it is spelled like "fries" is actually pronounced "freese".  This is Josh's middle name and the last name of his maternal grandfather.  Josh was very close to him and always looked up to him.  For that we really want to continue the tradition and honor him. 

I am now 26 weeks pregnant and doing really well!  The nausea and sickness is all gone and now I'm just watching my stomach grow quickly before my eyes!  Cooper is a little kicker and prefers to be awake during the night.

The Friday after Thanksgiving Josh and I decided to start working on his room.  We are going to transform Josh's old office into Cooper's room.  The walls were already painted blue and we've decided to use a lot of the decor that was already in there.  This was basically the "catch all" room for Josh's stuff so we are going to continue using his old antique toys and games.  That way those things still have a place.  Unfortunately, there's quite a bit more that had to go.  I guess this is the point in life where you decide what you really need and what has to go to make room for the kids!  Our house is growing smaller quite quickly!  We still have our guestroom though and put the desk out in our loft.  So don't feel too sorry for him!  :) 

The Room Before...
  There might be one piece of furniture that we can't get rid of.  Caroline discovered the office chair and Daddy showed her a fun new game.  The two of them have done this over and over for long periods of time.  It is SO cute to see her laughing.  She's quite the dare-devil! 

 We were lucky enough to receive a toddler bed from Josh's brother's family.  We put bedding on it and set it in her room next to her crib.  So far she has loved playing in it and reading books, but I am just not sure if she's quite ready to transition.  We might just have to buy another crib for a little while...  we will see!