Giving Thanks!

This Thanksgiving we were most thankful for Grandmother Suzanne's health!  She was in the hospital up until 2 days before, so we changed our plans and decided to stay close.  We certainly did miss everyone in Newton!  However, Josh and I hosted and cooked our first Thanksgiving dinner all by ourselves.  Although we were a little skeptical about how it would go (okay, I was skeptical... Josh was excited!), it could not have been more fun!  Josh and I worked together and everything turned out great! 
With only a few days notice, we made do with what table decor we had.  I had a great idea for an art project with Caroline and thought she would LOVE making turkies out of her handprints.  Boy was I wrong!  The second I put the paint on her hand, she looked at me like I was crazy doing something terrible to her!  So, I basically got one actual handprint from her.  However, I ended up copying each one and using them for place cards.
The Boys even battled the cold for a little football!

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