Ho Ho Ho!

We went and saw Santa on Saturday!  I felt that we had to have a yearly Santa picture, but Caroline wasn't quite as excited.  We went early Saturday morning to the Galleria and didn't have any wait.  The timing was perfect, however once she spotted Santa, she froze.  We have been talking about Santa quite a bit and she loves to see pictures and even knows that he says "Ho ho!!"  But with all of that lead up, nothing could quite prepare her for the actual guy!  We sat her in his lap and had quite a few crying pictures!  I wish we would have bought some of those, but instead we got her to calm down if both Josh and I were in the picture.  Oh and the Dora fruit snacks in her hand definitely helped...  :)  The picture is scanned so it really isn't the best quality, but we did it!

What a difference a year makes!

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  1. Logan was right there with Caroline. He did not like Santa (in person) at all!

    I love the picture from last year too.