18 months!!

Okay... so maybe we're already to 19, but a whole lot has gone on in my little girl's life!!  We are getting SO close to the day where we will meet our Super Cooper and right now I want to be able to still cherish and look back at my {not so} little Caroline!

So much has changed over the last couple of months, weeks and even days.  We definitely do not have a baby anymore!!  Caroline has started to really put things together, say words, and be able to communicate her ideas and opinions in so many different ways.  This started by her grabbing your hand and taking you to where she wanted to go.  Then there was always the "no" response when she didn't want something.  Now she is putting thoughts together and remembers when people leave.  Although Josh thinks I'm being mean by continually bringing this up, it really is so cute to watch!  After seeing my mom last week, I'll ask her "Where did Grami go?"  She scrunches up her nose, sticks out her lip, and somewhat fake cries while saying "Bye Bye".  And then after cousin Ellie left Florida she would wake up in the morning, say "Shhh, Baby" and then remember she was gone and do the same bye bye cry.  So precious and full of love!

Although our doctor does not have a scheduled 18 month appointment, we did get some statistics due to the several sick visits we had.  Caroline now weighs in (well a month ago weighed in) at 21 lbs. 4 oz.  We can definitely tell she has gotten taller and now all of her 18 month clothes fit!  Although there are several difficult transitions with a 1 1/2 year old, this stage is definitely so much fun!!  It is fun to see the amazing girl that is emerging and how genuine and sincere her actions are.  She shows pure love for everyone and it is so heartwarming to see her light up when Josh and I walk in the room.  I just can not wait to see how she is as a big sister!!

  • Dolls and Bears - she loves carrying them around, rocking them, and feeding them bottles
  • BECA (our dog)- I'm not sure the feeling is entirely mutual, but Caroline will chase Beca all around the house.  She shares her food with her and lets her give her kisses.
  • When Daddy Comes home - she will run to the door and gets so excited!
  • Bath Time - splashing around with letters and animals and of course Daddy!
  • Animal Sounds -  Caroline gets SO excited to tell you what sound each animal makes.  She is up to quite a few and even acts them out!  Sheep and duck are by far her favorite!!
  • Singing "If you're happy and you know it...", "The wheels on the Bus", and "Ring around the rosies."  - Who doesn't love acting songs out and watching mom and dad make fools of themselves?
  • Spinning around in Dad's office chair
  • Friends- She gets SO excited when her friends show up!
My little girl is growing up fast and although I would like time to slow down, I would not have changed anything in the last year and a half!  I still have one very clumsy little girl with only one front tooth, but she is perfect in every way!!

I have been SO bad about taking pictures lately and really have not gotten my camera out.  However, I have taken some random ones of my iPhone.  (Trust me, we're not always in our pajamas!!)  Here you go...

Not every dad will let their daughter watch Mickey on his computer while trying
to work from home on a snow day! What a lucky girl!!

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