I am absolutely amazed with everyone around us! All of our friends have already showed so much love, support and encouragement for Cooper and we can tell that he is already one blessed child!! We sure appreciate EVERYTHING!! I was pretty adamant about not having yet another shower for us. Yes, we're having a boy but we have done everything so quickly and have already asked so much of our friends. We've had bridal showers, bachelorette/bachelor parties, baby showers, and birthday parties all within the past 3 1/2 years. (Fast, I know!!) I just did not want to ask anyone to come to yet another one! With me being the second child, I have always insisted that my second child will be treated the same, if not better than the first! :) I don't mind spoiling him myself, but I did not want to ask anyone else to get him presents. Well, everyone sure showed me!! Amanda would not take no for an answer and decided to plan a little "sprinkle" anyways! We had a great brunch last weekend at Breadwinners in Dallas and she had so many little details planned perfectly! I was overwhelmed and overjoyed with everyone that came! It was a wonderful morning and great to see everyone who cared.

Then on Monday the Mom's Group that I am a part of also sprinkled Cooper with love!  It was so sweet and again I am just so appreciative of everything!  I was afraid we would not have enough clothes for this little guy and now his closet is almost completely full!!  Even Caroline walked away with several Big Sister presents!  What a lucky family!

Thank you to EVERYONE!  We appreciate it more than you know and can not wait to show off our little guy!  2 1/2 more weeks!!!

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