SNOW DAY... how about WEEK?!!

Last week we were cooped inside ALL week!  The ice was pretty bad and it was SO cold outside that we were not able to go anywhere.  Josh ended up working from home on Tuesday and also on Friday.  There was snow, but it was very crunchy and icey and no way were Caroline and I going out in that!  But Friday morning we awoke to find this out our front door:
Josh stayed home and was such a big help with Caroline!  He got everything finished by about 2:30 and called it a day!  We then got our snow clothes on and headed outside!!  Although I was quite cold and mostly kept to taking pictures, Josh and Caroline had a great time!  It is so fun re-doing things we did as kids now again as adults!  I had a chance to use my zoom lens and took quite a few pictures!  We sure had fun!!

After we came in, this is where I kept finding her!  She loved watching the snow and looking out the window!

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