Sibling Love!

What amazing moments!  I cannot wait until Cooper is a little older and can start reciprocating the love that Caroline shows him.  My favorite memory with my little brother was eating lunch every day at our kid size wooden picnic table in the basement.  We used to eat our peanut butter and jelly sandwiches there religiously at noon while watching Sesame Street.  Perhaps it was my mom's way of getting a little peace during the day, but regardless of the reason, we always had a great time and it left a lasting memory!  So far Caroline has been a little reluctant to hold Cooper, but she is always so concerned about him when she wakes up and just loves handing him his paci.  When he's laying on the floor, she will cuddle up on the blanket next to him and just smile. She seems to be so proud of him when we are playing with other children and definitely likes to claim him as hers!  It has been so hard to drag my camera out, so all of these were taken with my phone.  However I love that they are captured so spontaneously! 

And lastly, she wouldn't be a big sister with out having to try out some of Cooper's toys! Of course... it was her's first! :) 
(Taken after she crawled in all by herself!  I just had to get a picture and then get mad at her.)

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