Have you seen this Bunny???
12 inches tall... WELL LOVED... missing for 2 weeks!

Yes, we have now been missing Bunny for 2 weeks!!  She disappeared while Josh and I were out and when we came home, Caroline was still awake around 9:30pm and would not go to bed with out her beloved Bunny!  I had bought a "replacement" bunny just in case this ever happened, but she always knew the difference and did not care for it.  We were able to calm her down enough and because she was so tired, she took the bunny and slept through the night.  She's never really asked for the other bunny, but her sleeping has been affected!  Josh and I have looked everywhere and can not find this little rascal.  We have had so many good memories with her and need her back!!  Please Bunny... come back!!

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