Well I've debated over how I was going to handle my blog going forward.  Now with 2 kids, I first thought I would just continue all Botts' Family happenings on this site.  I titled it before Caroline was born and Little Miss Caroline just doesn't fit anymore.  If anyone knows me and how I am a 2nd child, they would know that this is just not acceptable!  :)  I first created a new blog for our entire family, but after ordering Caroline's Blog book, I decided it would be easier if each child has their own blog.  That way I will be able to order yearly books and eventually give them to the kids when they get older.  I figure it will be better than any baby book would be!  So with that said, Cooper has his own blog!  You can follow all of his happenings at:

Some posts may be the same on both, but I hope you find my little chubby cheeked boy just as interesting and entertaining as I do!

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