Fall Festival

Every year our church, Northwest Bible, hosts a HUGE Fall Fun Festival the Wednesday before Halloween.  We took Caroline last year even though she was a little small to partcipate in all of the events.  This year she had a blast and ran from one game to the next!  She went as Olivia the pig and Cooper was Superman.  The ears held up pretty well for the first part of the night and then were later taken off and she was pretty much just a girl in a red dress... with a drawn on pig nose of course!

The petting zoo was a huge hit!  There were tons of animals walking around that the kids could pet.  Caroline of course had to find and touch every single bunny there was!
The bounce houses were so much fun!!  She looked like such a big girl climbing up herself and then sliding down the big slides.  She did this one over and over several times.

She loved this one!  You can only see the foot, but it was a gigantic T-Rex... her favorite!!
The best part of the night... COTTON CANDY!!
And Daddy even had some too!
"Uh oh!  Somebody caught me!!"
It's tough being such a SUPER man!!  All cuddled up with his monkey!

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