6 MONTHS and growing!

Well, we are a little passed 6 months, but we just had our doctor's appointment yesterday. Everything is going well and Caroline is absolutely perfect! She is still eating solid foods and it seems like she can't get enough of them! It doesn't matter what it is, she loves it! The doctor says that her gums are starting to turn white and teeth might possibly be soon. But she also said that you really can't tell, so they might come in now and they might come in later. We have been so blessed with such a sweet little girl and I can't imagine her being any different! I was even surprised this morning with some time to myself today. She slept in until 9:15am! Here is where she ranks:
weight: 16 lbs. 4.2oz (48th percentile)
length: 26 inches (51st percentile)
head circumference: 42 cm (30th percentile)

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