Grandpa Doug to the Rescue!

Wouldn't you know that this year has had the coldest temperatures in Texas for the past 14 years? We had quite a few days under freezing and as a result, our kitchen sink pipes froze. We planned on heading to Austin last weekend to spend Christmas with Grandpa Doug, Grandma K, and Aunt Joanna, but instead decided we better get these pipes fixed before anything drastic happened. Not going down there was the last thing we wanted, but "Christmas" was saved when they all decided to drive up here and help us out! Doug brought his tools and Josh sat under the sink for nearly 5 hours! He used a plumber's gun and basically just had to thaw out the pipe. Luckily we had no leaks!! After all of the fun, we opened gifts and had a nice dinner. Although our plans were changed a little, we had a wonderful weekend with family!!
Finally... WATER!!!

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