A White Christmas

What a whirlwind of a trip! This year we spent Christmas in Colorado and got ready for Caroline's 2nd plane ride! We left really early in the morning of the 23rd and she did so well! Of course there was too much going on around her to sleep, but she was quiet and quite the good girl. We arrived at the airport with Grami and Pop Pop waiting to take us home! The roads were really bad and we had to drive really slow, but it was beautiful to see all of the white snow. Missy, Paul and Emma all arrived earlier than us and were there waiting to greet us when we arrived home. That night, despite the bad weather, we went to Fort Collins and bottled our own wine. My parents bought some grapes several months ago and a local company prepared the wine for us. Josh requested the Chocolate Raspberry Port and no one objected! (Yep, he chose the chocolate... however no real chocolate was in it... he checked!) Marcia and Johnny joined us at the bottling place while Taylor and Maddy stayed and babysat Emma and Caroline. We all enjoyed the wine and dinner afterwards.
The next day was already Christmas Eve! We casually hung out and stayed out of the cold snow! That night we went to the Christmas Eve service at church and Caroline even stayed up to join in the fun. Grami Tami bought both of the girls matching red velvet dresses and they looked so cute!Everyone was so excited to see what Santa had brought, that we started Christmas pretty early. I think both girls were upat 6:30am so we decided to go ahead and open presents. Santa brought Caroline and Emma the cutest rocking horses that neighed, wagged their tails, and moved their noses. We took turns opening presents and Caroline could not believe all of the new clothes and toys! It took quite a lot of strategy by Josh to get all of those home!! We had to leave some, but they should be shipped soon! After presents we all got cleaned up and the entire family came over. Grami had quite the dinner and managed to feed and seat 23 people! We had so much fun with the family and had several new members. Andy's fiance's family came and joined us along with Sarah's fiance. We're looking forward to all of the weddings coming up.

We ended the trip with a night full of murder... a murder mystery dinner that is! My brother received a game a couple years ago and now that we reached 8 people in our family, we could finally play! We all dressed up as people from the '70's and got into our characters. Can you guess who did it...?Needless to say... there were LOTS of laughs!!

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