A Weekend of Firsts!

What a busy week for us! Caroline is now 6 months old and really growing up! As we rang in the new year and new decade, we had quite a few firsts for Caroline! When we got back from Colorado, we started her off with baby food. She first had peas and LOVED them! Daddy says she has to start with vegetables and not until she gets those down, can she move on to fruits. I guess he has the right idea, but I just know this girl is going to LOVE chocolate no matter what! Here are a few pictures of her first feeding. This went over much better than the rice cereal a couple months ago.

The next big thing that we did was get our little girl a high chair! We had been putting this off for so long and I wanted to find one that I really liked. We decided on the Graco Wood chair in espresso and I just love it. It matches our kitchen cabinets perfectly! She looks pretty little in it, but also so grown up!
As you can tell from the above pictures, Caroline's hair has gotten pretty long! I know that most people wait until their children are well over a year to cut it, but she has SO much that this really just could not wait. So, we made an appointment for last Saturday when Josh and I could both take her. We went to the Sweet and Sassy salon in Southlake and had such a good time! We arrived a little before they opened and once those doors were unlocked at 10am, probably 10 little girls ran in all ready to be pampered. She loved watching the older girls and really didn't even notice that her hair was being cut.
Caroline listening intently to how much hair was going to be taken off.

Posing with Daddy and showing off the finished product. Not much was taken off, but just enough to make it a little more even in the back.

Now Caroline has been rolling over for quite a while now, but the newest thing she has learned that she is able to do is continue rolling. We haven't quite gotten the sitting thing mastered yet, but man does this girl want to move! We really need to start watching her because she will roll all over the room in a matter of seconds. She also gets up on her arms and is trying to crawl, but just can't quite figure it out. Why crawl when you can roll places faster? Here are several pictures of where I've found her lately. The table is just tall enough that she goes under it without hitting it. Now its just getting past the table legs. Once she figures that out... there's no stopping her!

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