Playtime at the Fountain Park

Do I really have to wear this hat??
Well, since we weren't able to be by the pool most of the time, we spent quite a bit of our vacation at the park across the street. Emma loved feeding the ducks and asked every few minutes either "park?" or "big wa wa?" Right outside of my parents condo is a huge park that is in the center of the town. Every hour there is a fountain that goes off and is one of the largest in the country. The girls loved playing!! Along with the regular park type playgrounds, there was also a water park. It was too cold, but we still watched some other brave children run around in it. My Nikon camera ran out of battery (once again... I know!) in the middle of the trip. I did have my point and shoot camera, but the quality is just not the same! At least I had another one to document the rest of the vacation."Perhaps my prince will come!"

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