Spring is in the air!

What a wonderful weekend!! This was the first couple of days in a while where we really have not had a lot of things planned. Josh was able to spend some time hitting golf balls, I took my first sewing lesson, and Caroline got her second haircut!! We also had a chance to plant some new plants and add a little green to our backyard. It is exciting to see some of the plants we planted in years past return. Finally we have some progress! :)

On our way back from getting Caroline's hair cut, we found a great place to take bluebonnet pictures! Texas plants millions of these flowers all along their highways and you can see people stopped on the side of the road, all in hopes of getting that perfect annual bluebonnet picture! Thankfully we had our camera and this spot wasn't far from our house! Caroline was a little tired, but we managed to get several good shots!
It might have been warm enough to plant flowers, but the pool definitely isn't warm enough to go swimming! Josh just thought he'd test it out... I think we still have some time!
To top things off, the Macha's joined us for dinner Sunday night! We probably should have taken the pictures in the beginning, but it was so fun to have these girls together! The twins were hilarious and spent the evening running around in circles. Caroline LOVED it and wished she could walk so badly. Soon these three are going to be trouble!

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