12 MONTHS!!!

Okay, so really 12 months and a week or so, but we have been busy! :) Caroline is one active girl and always on the move. This little one has definitey changed from a newborn to an infant and now she is no doubt a toddler! She is walking just about everywhere and has a new found love for her stuffed animals and baby dolls. She hugs them so tightly and just lights up when she sees one. Her bunny is still her favorite and is a must when she's trying to sleep. I must admit that I kind of started to this habit and Josh is not too happy about it. But she squeals when she sees it and it is SO cute, you can't help but give it to her!! We went to the doctor on Tuesday and had her 12 month check up. She had to get 3 shots, but she was such a trooper and pretty tough. Here are her 1 year statistics:
weight: 18 lbs. 14 oz (14th percentile)
length: 29 3/4 inches (68th percentile)
head circumference: 43 1/2 cm (9th percentile)

She is all over the charts! And that little head is still staying little! She is in need of her 3rd haircut and still only has 3 teeth. Her top tooth has come in more and shines while standing all alone! Instead of the other front tooth coming in, it looks like the one next to that one is on its way. Look out for a gap on top in future pictures. What a silly little munchkin!

One girl on the move! This month's picture was not an easy one to get! I had to use some bribery and hold her down!Kisses for her baby!

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